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The Crown Of Wines

Our team of highly respected Sommeliers and Master Wine Makers are constantly travelling throughout Australian and European wine regions to keep up with trends and techniques, bringing an exceptional end-result, to the benefit of our customers.



Founder of SPLENDOUR

Brad Williamson is a passionate lover of fine wine, who’s recent journey through France and Italy’s most famous wine regions, opened-up his eyes to the international wine industry, how the top-level wineries operate and produce premium quality wines year after year.
Australian wines were being overlooked, Brad wanted to show and share with the world how great Australian wines really are.
So he created SPLENDOUR, the Crown of Wines!!!

“Until recently it was hard to find a restaurant or bottle shop selling Australian wines in many regions across Europe”.


Vine cuttings from the Cape of Good Hope were brought to the penal colony of New South Wales by Governor Phillip on the First Fleet in 1788…

Making wine using traditional methods. Selecting grapes from Australia’s most recognized regions and from some not so recognized wine regions that produce premium quality grapes. And working with the most passionate winemakers who really love what they do!!!
SPLENDOUR guarantees Quality, Love and Passion!!!


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